Victory depends on having many advisors

By September 30, 2017FiveMinuteFriday

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Proverbs 24:6 So don’t go to war without wise guidance; victory depends on having many advisers. (NLT)

Victory. Depends.

There’s a strategic element inside victory that often remains hidden behind the authority in charge. The victory we see in others is rarely earned by solo effort. Personal trainers and coaches lead Olympic athletes to victory. Spelling Bee winners are coached and drilled by parents and teachers. The biggest Christian authors and ministries are fueled by offstage advisors.

From the front lines of battle the leader stands alone, yet her many advisors have equipped her with both wisdom and intercessory prayer. While she battles with a small stone, her strength of arm comes from dependence on God. He gives the authority to strike an enemy or to keep silent. Her Counselor the Holy Spirit has spoken nuggets of truth through the words of her trusted advisors.

Where are you seeking victory in your life? Do you seek victory over a troubled relationship, health concern, financial mountain, or an addiction? Take a look at your team of advisors and measure their relationship with the Lord before you allow their words to impact your obedience to God.

Discernment directs your forward motion.

I’m writing for this week’s #FiveMinuteFriday. This week’s word prompt is DEPEND. These are my five minutes of inspired  thoughts. You can visit the FiveMinuteFriday community for more inspired thoughts and link-ups.

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  • Very interesting thoughts! Sometimes I believe I can do it all on my own, only to realise that I need people to cheer me own and push me forward. I just published a book and definitely couldn’t have done it without phenomenal people around me.
    Thank you for sharing! Your FMF neighbor today.

    • Congratulations on your book project Katha! I have just entered the writing field and I am discovering that it takes many advisors to get publish a book. A good example!! I’ll pop over to your blog and see if I can find the book there. This is my first time FMF so I appreciate your encouragement.

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