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By September 30, 2017Leadership

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Welcome to my new blog and thank you for finding me here! I’ve had an interesting journey from being a woman who barely knew God…to a founder of the first online Bible studies!

In this blog you’ll discover articles about Bible study, leadership, and devotions. I’ll share from my heart. Each article begins in my mind as an empty cup ☕️ to be filled with more of God and less of me. When I magnify Him through my written words – then I feel the job serves my Audience of One.

Grab your own empty cup and imagine we’re meeting at a favorite coffee shop or tea cafe. As we order our unique drinks flavored to our personalities, remember our words are starting places for conversations. We are looking for the center of our conversation where Jesus is visible and present.

Family, faith, and home are the pillars of my writing footstool. I find politics and trending news distasteful for my limited time on earth, so forgive me if I seem absent of that atmosphere.

Come join me in the place of unity. Bring your love 💜 coffees ☕️ and teas 🍵

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