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Examination of Scripture #wordstudy

From the beginning of Genesis to the last chapter in Revelation, the Bible is filled with numerous words to treasure.  Even though I completed my theology courses at Liberty University, I am still a passionate student of the Bible. I find the themes and forms of literature worthy of my time and  my prayer is that you will have a like-minded passion too. Look here for themed word studies which I’ve prepared for you. I’ll use a variety of formats and research methods to demonstrate different tools for Biblical examinations. Have fun as you explore and ask the Holy Spirit to illuminate the Word so you’ll understand the applications and meaning.

Keep it simple, keep it Holy, and keep it inside your heart.

40 Titles For Jesus Christ From the Bible

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Below are the titles for Christ from the Scriptures. The Old Testament contains the prophecies about Christ and the New Testament fulfills them. Many of the titles are found in…

30 Bible Verses on Discernment

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Below are 30 Bible verses about discernment. Read one a day and pray through the verses during the month. After you print 30 Verses on Discernment, underline all words that relate…